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Tutors meet with the students at least once a week for a two-hour period. The two-hour session is focused on one subject. Customers desiring tutoring in more than one subject must enroll in a two-hour session for each subject (preferably on different days). Younger students can be offered 1.5-hour sessions once a week. A parent or guardian MUST be at home while the tutoring is taking place. At NO TIME may the tutor be in the house alone or alone with a minor.



Most students begin to show improvements in their course work after three to four weeks, but a five week period allows enough time for the student and tutor to really get to know one another and progress. It also allows the student enough time to begin to show progress on quizzes, tests and other schoolwork. Parents will get a monthly email in which the tutor will give a brief report noting progress made and any concerns.


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A Rocket Science Tutoring representative must personally meet with prospective customers. The representative will have all the necessary documentation for enrollment and can answer programmatic questions. The enrollment form must be submitted with a check or cash for 10 hours of tutoring. At any time another 10 hours of tutoring may be purchased. Customers purchasing 20 or 30-hour blocks will receive a discount. After payment has been received a tutor will be assigned and a session scheduled.

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